I’m totally over Jordan Catalano.


This is an outfit I assembled shortly after watching a few episodes of My So Called Life. Recently I’ve been craving all of those 90’s mash-up outfits with pieces from all different eras, effortlessly combined to create a gracefully artistic ensemble. And there is good news for people who love 90s fashion! The thrift store is full of this stuff. Full of it, I tell you! And unfortunately, my closet is starting to become full as well. Time to hang more clothing racks on my walls? ;)



O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

  • Hat: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)
  • Jumper: Salvation Army
  • Shoes: Etsy Vintage
  • Jacket: thrifted by Kyle
  • Necklace: inherited from my gramma


18 Responses

  1. emily says:

    I just finished the season last night. such a shame it was canceled. they really leave you hanging at the end, they obviously had plans for bigger things, and a second season. i think its so funny that the 90s are coming back so big.. its all because of netflix instant watch you know! setting trends! and yes, lucky for us all thrift stores are jam packed with everything 9s, the good and most definitely the bad!

  2. Tamara says:

    I love that show!!!! so much! Sigh…
    You really suit that look; it looks great!

  3. Monique says:

    Amazing shoes and I thought that was a dress…sweet romper

  4. Joy says:

    This is so awesome…and I thought I HATED 90s fashion — then again I was too young to remember the good Grunge days only remember the end of it and the early millennials..*shudders*.
    Which Etsy shop is this?

  5. gee says:

    jordan catalono was my middle school crush. he is still so dreamy to me..haha. i remember watching the very first episode when it aired. oh to be in middle school again. sike.
    you always find the most beautiful things while thrifting..

  6. Mandi says:

    Hi Joy, the Etsy shop isn’t really running any more. Or else I would’ve linked to it. :) But you can check out the link, if you’d like, to the shop where I purchased the shoes: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaVictoire

  7. Love that jumper! I’ve been looking for one for the summer time. I also love the idea of mixing all different era’s together, you do it well.

  8. Cherry says:

    Awh. I have also been on a so-called life watchathon! I have been channeling the grunge vibe!
    I love you shoes x

  9. lilith says:

    I loved this show! angela was so me lol
    i was just upset by her hair…:D

  10. jeny says:

    I love MSCL and I used to have a jumper JUST like that!! I wish I kept it. Those clothes bring back such good memories for me. Great outfit!

  11. kelly ann says:

    Ohmyword, this outfit is fantastic. You look gorgeous!

  12. Chickything says:

    I will never be over Jordan Catalano! Last night I watched the series for the 200th time and I still hate Claire Danes for putting the show in limbo forever. I watched it with my daughters and they fell in love with Jordan too. I still follow 30 seconds to mars when they’re around L.A.! I love Jordan as much as I love Jared! I’m craaazy!

  13. haha I laughed at the title of your entry.
    I remember how obsessed kids were with this show and it’s so short too! I didn’t watch it until 2006 (through http://demonoid.me since the dvd wasn’t out yet). Interesting show. I probably would have liked it as a kid but I am glad I didn’t see it until I was older. Very cute 90s themed outfit. I really can’t get into 90s fashion though. :(

  14. Anna says:

    That jumper is super amazing!
    I love the color. Your aesthetic is really pleasing to me.
    Thank you for sharing and making such quality content!

  15. Leigh-Ann says:

    i’m still not over Jordan Catalano… and his necklace ;)
    great pix!!

  16. manicmolly says:

    funny,i’ve been watchin MACL too… but i cant get over Catalanao… even though i recently found out Jared Leto is almost 40! yikes!! Loving the look!! xoxo

  17. manicmolly says:

    *MSCL… sorry