Tattoos, No Booze, and My Favorite Shoes


Today I went to a tattoo consultation at The Good Life, feeling a bit more out of place than usual, in this pretty Spring outfit. Of course, it would come as no surprise then, that the plan is to add on to the super pretty tattoo Jesse did for me over a year ago. We’re just going to round it out across the inside of my arm. It’s all going down on April 15th, and I am extremely excited, though a bit anxious. It hasn’t been too long that I’ve forgotten the pain.


So yes, for me, Spring brings more tattoos. And hopefully more of a social life. It turned out that I spent St. Patrick’s Day at home with old Law & Order SVU reruns and a big pot of french pressed coffee. Rather the opposite of green beer, which suits me quite fine. But I received many texts from friends wondering where I was.


Ah, I’m rambling. I apologize. I’m just feeling chatty. Maybe it’s the lack of human contact? Well, the point is, I’m very much looking forward to my tattoo, relaunching my social life, and wearing the crap out of these pretty brown shoes before the really warm weather gets here. Excitement all around!

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :


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  1. Fenn says:

    Please, please, please tell me more about your experiences with The Good Life Tattoo and Jesse. I checked out his portfolio last spring, and I know I want my next piece to be with him. I’d definitely love to hear what it was like working with him.

  2. Mandi says:

    Hiya! So I just got your comment, and while I usually respond to comments in the comments section (and still will, in case someone else is curious), I thought I had better send you an actual, real life e-mail. :) I went to Good Life Tattoo last January (2010) for a consultation with Jesse, and it was super informal. He just wanted to basically see what I wanted tattooed to know how much time to alot. And he never gave me a quote. haha I sorta forgot to ask! And that’s totally what I did today too. So I better shoot him an e-mail and ask him how much this is setting me back. They are reasonably priced, I mean, you’re getting a tattoo… so it’s not going to be cheap. Because he is a quality artist. But it’s not as expensive as I thought it would be. I don’t even remember how much it was, but I know it was around or a little under $400. And that was over a year ago, so prices could’ve changed since then.
    Jesse is a super great guy. He is very, very easy to talk to and easy going. He will explain things, or just chat, or just be silent. I think he’s pretty good at reading people. As far as his style goes, he’s pretty traditional. You can tell that from his portfolio. So what he did for me was just tracing the transfer from the engraving I designed. It’s not what he would normally do, but he did a great job, and his line quality is great.
    The place it very clean and pretty well run. They are pretty busy and popular. They’re actually getting renovations done in two weeks, so who knows what it will look like then. Maybe they will add an extra room, because I know one of the guys tattoos in the front, and one of my friends had hers done by him and said it was kind of nerve racking having people watching her get her rib tattooed.
    Anyways, I hope that answered any questions you might have! Usually Jesse is booked up (for large tattoos, anyway) for at least a couple of weeks. I’m sure it depends on the size of your tattoo and how busy he’s been.
    Good luck!

  3. jess O. says:

    oh my that is one LOVELY tattoo ;) so unique and beautifully done

  4. Stef says:

    You look gorgeous :) Exciting stuff about your tattoo.
    I had an early night on St. Patrick’s as well. I always find it funny that everybody in England celebrates the Irish patron saint but nobody seems to bother with the English one :D

  5. ondressingup says:

    Such pretty colours in this outfit. And I hope the tattoo works out perfectly. Thank you for your really thoughtful comment on the post about how everyone is a photographer these days. Your point is definitely valid; how being a photographer is about dedication and commitment more than anything else. You gave me a lot to think about!

  6. Vicky says:

    The shoes are lovely, I can see why they’re your favourites!

  7. Sarah Rachel says:

    You look lovely as always. Can’t wait to see your tattoo work! xo

  8. A pot of coffee and re-runs sound amazing! :)
    Love your outfit & sound like spring has come great plans in store for you – tattoos & social life galore! :)

  9. Monique says:

    Wow, you look stunning. The yellow and burgundy is such a great color combo. Hope this weekend brings out your sociable side. Cheers

  10. Rachele says:

    Beautiful! I know what you mean when you forget about the pain. I still get terribly nervous. Especially when it is in a new place like my wrists made me really nervous.

  11. Alex York says:

    have you colored your hair? or is it a old picture?

  12. Mandi says:

    Yep, I colored my hair. :) I wrote about it in the St. Patty’s Day outfit post.

  13. I do love your tattoo, it’s a beautiful illustration and it suits you. I look forward to seeing the results! Your spring outfit is adorable. I like your color combination! Those shoes are wonderful!

  14. Tracey says:

    Such a lovely outfit … the change of a season always brings about more self-reflection for me … perhaps that’s how it is for many of us?
    I can’t wait to see your new tattoo! :)

  15. becca says:

    I am plotting my next tattoo as well, but, I didn’t think the first one was painful…just the itching as it was healing that drove me crazy!

  16. studiomme says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see your tattoo when it’s finished! It’s gorgeous already!! Your outfit is so sweet and the perfect gear to match the start of spring.

  17. Chaucee says:

    Beautiful outfit! The colors are so lovely.

  18. Claudia says:

    I would definitely be up for social life, going out for coffee in cute spring outfits and tattoo?s with you, if i weren?t waaaay across one dangerous border! (mentioned you and linked back, from my blog to yours…have a nice day!)

  19. allie says:

    I want a tattoo badly! :) I’m still tryin’ to find an artist to suit my style, but I’ve totally figured out what I want, finally!
    The Good Life seems like a fine establishment…I’ve been wonderin’ if I should go to them myself. Not sure, but it’s just down the ways from a lovely coffee shop, record store, & Revival (love them folks)! :)

  20. Antoinette says:

    I absolutely adore that gorgeous, flowing yellow skirt. Looks fabulous on you!

  21. I like that you are chatty. You are a wonderfully fun person and it is great to read so much in this entry. hehe. This outfit and the location is amazing!!!

  22. Quickest way in direction of drop stomach weight?