Movie Mondays: Georgy Girl

Georgie Girl#386

Georgie Girl#368

Georgy is a pudgy, not very pretty girl who is too busy living life, laughing, and loving, to worry about the way she looks or to try to change herself to attract a man. She seems to do well, taking care of her friends and going about her every day life as a music teacher, and even manages to elicit a proposal from the older gentleman for whom her father works as a butler. It’s not exactly the proposal of adoption, as Georgy expected, and definitely not marriage, as his own wife spends most of her days sick in bed.

Georgie Girl#363

Georgie Girl#374

Georgy lives with Meredith, a beautiful girl whose boyfriend hangs out in the apartment more than she does, always waiting for Meredith to come home from her excursions with other boys. It turns out that Georgy spends more time with him than Meredith does, and begins to wish she was pretty and could have a boyfriend like him.

Georgie Girl#369

Georgie Girl#385

One night she gets her chance to see what life would be like with her roommate’s boyfriend. They spend the night dancing, and doing a little bit of romancing, but later they both find out that Meredith is expecting his child, so Georgy takes the backseat again, making preparations for her friends’ wedding.

Georgie Girl#390

Georgie Girl#392

After the wedding, Meredith’s now husband feels regretful at leaving Georgy behind, and so Georgy finds herself with not one, but two men on her hands. What does she want? What kind of life will she choose?

Georgie Girl#400

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