Movie Mondays: Mr. Skeffington

Mister Skeffington#318

Bette Davis was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in this movie, and after watching it, i’m sure you will understand why. The little nuances she introduces into the role of Fanny Trellis, a well-poised lady of the early 20th Century, are just remarkable. You can especially appreciate her character development if you are used to the typically hard-edged, saucy Bette.

Mister Skeffington#309

Mister Skeffington#328

Her character in Mr. Skeffington is a woman who is used to getting what she wants, and using her looks along the way. Fanny Trellis is everyone’s darling, but also gives back to her loved ones with an open heart. When her brother falls into financial woes, and their family fortune falls by the wayside, she concocts a plan to set everything right.

Mister Skeffington#337

Mister Skeffington#342

As time goes by, she becomes increasingly jaded and selfish. No longer sweet and considerate to others, Fanny’s behavior becomes like that of someone who is merely tolerating everyone around her. She is even too self absorbed to be a part of her own daughter’s life.

Mister Skeffington#344

Mister Skeffington#349

When she suddenly loses her beauty, she is faced with the realization that all she had held important revolved around what she saw in the mirror. But by then, most of the people in her life have moved on. It’s very interesting to see how Bette’s character managed to change, along with her looks.

I think this is a movie you will enjoy if you like a good drama with a strong female lead. It is no coincidence that the screen shots I have shared are mostly of Bette. It’s pretty much all about Fanny. And that’s what Fanny would say if you asked her, too. ;)

Mister Skeffington#350

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  1. zelina says:

    Oh dear, she is amazing! Have you seen whatever happened to babyjane? Now Bette and Joan together= epic. I have to review that movie lol.

  2. very unique hairstyles that i’d love to try, for sure! sounds like a strange and interesting storyline!