A Fashion Cocktail with a Splash of Color


It’s obvious that I’m a vintage lover at heart. But what era? ’30s? ’60s? I have no answer for you. I like to vary my wardrobe with items I love, no matter what the decade. In making it all work out, variety is key. In this outfit, you can see that my purple suede skirt screams 1980’s. Paired with a 1950’s blouse, 1970’s hat, and modern details, it all works out quite nicely without type-casting me into one particular decade of fashion history.

I’ve also talked a little before about pattern mixing, and to me, I usually fall into a similar pattern of thinking when wearing bold colors. I like to select one item that is a bright, bold color, and arrange the rest of the outfit to be more neutral. Blacks, white, tans, greys, and sometimes even muted blues or greens all make bright colors fit in quite nicely, I think.





p h o t o s   b y   p h i l  |   v i n t a g e   p h o t o   v i a   v a l e n t i n o   v a m p

O U T F I T   D E T A I L S :

Skirt: thrifted | Blouse:  Etsy vintage | Cape: thrifted | Hat: Etsy vintage
Purse: thrifted
| Gloves: Kohls | Shoes: Rampage ’08 | Tights: UO ’09 


22 Responses

  1. Mici says:

    I totally adore this outfit! that blouse, skirt and stockings! but my no.1 is your bag!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Love those tights!!!
    ps I remember reading that you’re a vegetarian.. I saw this beautiful vegan blog and thought that I’d pass the link along.

  3. Very cute! I’m still trying to figure out my clothing style. It changes all the time. I wish there was one specific store that would have everything! :D thanks for sharing!

  4. Patty says:

    This outfit is very nice in deed. Love that purple and those tights!!! As always, awesome:)

  5. kelly ann says:

    those tights are FABULOUS!

  6. Chelsea says:

    love the tights!

  7. noa says:

    got to love vintage!

  8. scrimp girl says:

    whatever you’re fashion theory, it obviously works. i keep getting so much style inspiration from your lovely blog!

  9. Jess says:

    lovely! I am especially mad over that floppy black hat!

  10. This outfit is fantastic. I love how you’ve managed to so elegantly blend a number of different styles and era influences. The hat makes things a little earthy, the tights a little wild, the gloves a little edgy. All of these are just perfect with the soft and frilly base of the outfit. So great!!

  11. Deanna says:

    Adorable outfit! And that cape is just precious. =D
    <3 Deanna
    of: http://barefootblogginglove.blogspot.com/

  12. Nesha says:

    such a fabulous outfit girlie. you really do look stunning. what camera do you have if you don’t mind me asking?
    love your catching confetti page btw! Especially loving the guest post from Erin.

  13. Anna says:

    Lovely tights! And I have to say I’m a 60’s (and a bit 70’s) lover myself.

  14. Mandi says:

    Hi Nesha,
    The camera information and more can be found at my “about me & faq” page right here: http://candimandi.typepad.com/heres_lookin_at_me_kid/2010/01/about-me-faq.html
    Hope that helps!

  15. Me too! I’m such a magpie, I can’t ever pick a favourite look/era.
    I just wanted to say that I love your tattoo! Every time I catch a glimpse of it, I am reminded how awesome it is. I’ve had mine for (gasp!) four years now, and whenever I see pretties like yours, which peek out a little more than mine, I want to get more! Good work :)

  16. You’re a mixing-decades genius, I think. :) I *heart* the motorcycle gloves with the ensemble, too – everytime I wear a cardigan, I crave those gloves. Such a good contrast!

  17. Jenni says:

    Love this! The tights are incredible, and that purple skirt… Sigh. I’m in love.

  18. This outfit is amazing and totally hot!
    You’re style is so inspiring.

  19. gorgeous blouse indeed!!! you look wonderful.

  20. Charlotte says:

    Your tattoo is gorgeous.

  21. Cheray says:

    Gorgeous outfit – I tend to love items from all different era’s too!
    Love how you style them though