A Little Handmade Lovin’


Phil and I dated for 6 years before we were married. Yeah, I know. That's a really long time. But we started dating when I was a sophomore and he was a junior in high school. Not that I actually thought we would get married or I would even date him for a long time, but that's how it turned out! (No complaints here!) Add three and a half years of marriage to the six years of dating, and a lot of the romance has faded away.

Well, at least, I'm not very good at romance. Phil certainly is. So I thought I would whip up a little handmade valentine for him to show him how much I appreciate his little gestures. We all have our love languages, and I'm pretty sure this little card is right up his romantic ally. ;)


S U P P L I E S :

kraft cardstock, blue lace (cut up into smaller strips), white trim lace, clipping from a vintage magazine, sewing machine & thread, and a black gel pen.

12 Responses

  1. ooo I really like that! I’d say that was super romantic!

  2. Phara says:

    Brilliant idea, and so very cute!

  3. JenCoen says:

    after 3.5 years of dating and nearly 12 years of marriage, the romance takes some effort. lol. but it never fades away…
    its a tradition, that i handmake my hubs card ON valentines day every year.
    thanks for sharing yours!! :-)
    happy valentines day

  4. Stephanie says:

    Aww thats so cute! I gave my bf a handmade valentine too..
    …handmade by someone else. I got it at a craft fair on sunday :D

  5. Oh, so cute!! :) My hubby usually makes me cards, it’s the sweetest thing! Happy Valentines!

  6. janis says:

    oh this is absolutely perfect. also, your blog design is just amazing. i love every bit of it!

  7. emily k. says:

    What a cute gift:) I wish I was as inspired to create something for my husband. We’re also high school “sweet hearts” and we aren’t as romantic as we used to be. But we still celebrate our first date anniversary which is in February, so at least we do that! lol.

  8. Jill says:

    gorgeous! Love the vintage magazine page :) I’m pinning it to Pinterest right now!

  9. That is so adorable! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. allie says:

    Lovely! I did the same…but they are Anti-Valentine’s to me hehe. I’m too submersed in corporate greeting card cubicle hell to enjoy any holidays any longer (exceptions for Easter & Halloween). I’m sure your handmade wonder went over well! ;)

  11. Mallory G says:

    We had nine years in before getting married!
    And I’m still the hopeless romantic and he’s still not.