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Resolution #6:
Throw more parties.
Guest Blog post by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess

Hello there! I’m Elsie from A Beautiful Mess and I am super excited to share some fun party ideas for this new year! I put this little party table together in 30 minutes, for under $40!


Parties with pals don’t have to be super expensive or time consuming to be fun and memorable. I opted for colored candies and fresh fruit and flowers. My sister, Emma, created this yummy raspberry sparkler cocktail too! Don’t forget to take photos of your cute parties and get-togethers because they’re a lot of fun to blog about too.



Here are a few sweet ideas for 2011 parties…

*Have a fancy ‘girls only’ tea party. Dress up and take lots of instant photos!
*Have a donut party. You know you want to…
*Have a movie themed costume party. Make sure you have your camera too. ;)
*Invite your pals over for a craft night. Be sure to collect lots of cute supplies in advance!
*Make your own photo booth backdrop for a cute get-together.
*Host a back yard camp out with friends, tents, sleeping bags and smores.

Xo. elsie



13 Responses

  1. Lula says:

    I’ll join in on the tea and donut party ANYTIME! And wow those raspberry drinks look so so good!

  2. Becca says:

    These are such good ideas!

  3. Cedar says:

    What a darling set up! This makes me want to start planning a party this minute.

  4. I love those straws!

  5. courtney says:

    ditto on the straws. this drink looks delicious. i love all of the bright colors in these photos.

  6. Sasha says:

    I’ll be planning some of get-togethers this year that’s for sure!

  7. Whitney says:

    hosting a party is one of my goals for 2011 and this post gets me even more excited to do it! looks so fun!

  8. Ann says:

    I LOVE these party ideas. The colors in these photos are beeeeautiful!

  9. Yumi Romero says:

    What are those little pink and cream colored balls? I love the way they look together! Let me know please!

  10. so many good themes….can’t wait to organize a small party!

  11. great ideas! I love Elsie’s blog!

  12. Van says:

    I think I might host another tea party this weekend. This time with more colors :) Bwahaha.

  13. Party store says:

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