The Trousers that Came Home to Stay


It so often seems that the discovery of a beloved garment begins the same. I am innocently shopping at the thrift store, I see something outrageous, and then I remove it from the rack in order to further giggle at and mock the particular item of clothing. Then, my head tilts to the side and I think, heeeey… you know, this might be kind of fun! And so it finds its way into my cart and then my wardrobe.


So, I’m sure you figured out, that’s how these wooly plaid trousers made their way into my life. I know plaid isn’t particularly flattering, but woah! These are just too amazing. And maybe something I will wear once or twice a year. Not bad for 99 cents, yeah?


P.S. Yes, I was freezing when I took these photos. The arrival of winter has greatly sped up my process of taking photos outdoors! Might explain the almost grimace in these shots. heh

Outfit details:

Trousers, Blouse, Shoes: thrifted | Belt: Dillards 2008
Hat: The Hidden Pearl (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) | Fur: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)


17 Responses

  1. Beth says:


  2. Katie says:

    You have so many fabulous hats! :) They’re just lovely. And I think you could pull off pretty much any look. You always look so chic in everything. Happy Monday!

  3. emily says:

    your a beauty. you make me want dark hair so bad. especially in the winter!

  4. ummm, those pants are so awesomely hideous that i’m in love with them.
    & you pull them off so well.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Those are fantastic. Hands down.

  6. Amy says:

    Absolutely incredible. I think these should come out far more than twice a year. Seriously glorious. You’re an inspiration!

  7. June says:

    you look stunning in the last photo.

  8. Jess says:

    Definitely keepers. High-waist bells AND plaid? Keepers! L o v e them. x

  9. I think you rock them – fabulous!

  10. jac says:

    those pants are awesome! you definitely rock them. xo

  11. Lauren says:

    I go through the exact same process when thrifting!

  12. you are working those plaid pants!

  13. jessica says:

    Yeah – while thrifting and trying to decide on that one crazy thing I find I do the head tilt all the way to the right, then all the way to the left, put it back, and then come back and get it.
    These are awesome!!!!

  14. Love your hat and smart top. Those trousers are brilliant – just the right kind of crazy! Love the massive flare :)

  15. nova says:

    Those are so fantastic!

  16. oh goodness Mandi! Those pants are amazing. I thought it was a skirt at first. Your hair is growing long! I love the colours in this shoot.

  17. Anna says:

    Those pants are FAN-TAS-TIC!!! I would have snatched those in a heartbeat. They look great on you!