What He and She Wore on Labor Day


I thought it might be fun if I started sharing some of my man Phil’s fashion with you friends. So here he is with his big blog wardrobe debut! Mister and Madame Johnson on Labor Day.



We had fully intended on spending the holiday with my large family, partaking in the grilling and eating the wonderful homemade pies… recipes passed down from our French Grandmother who is no longer with us. But what happened was traipsing about in the soy fields on the way to a lazy afternoon with my parents who had just returned from a romantic weekend getaway. We made parfaits and watched movies together with the pup. I think it was a splendid non-laborious day, and I would love to play it on repeat.



His Outfit Details:

shirt: thrifted | shorts: cut-offs from his middle school jeans!
shoes: thrifted | hat: thrifted


Her Outfit Details:

dress: vintage (Secret Past, Cuyahoga Falls)
hat: vintage (Hidden Pearl, Cuyahoga Falls)
shoes: Etsy Vintage

10 Responses

  1. he he – you guys may just be the cutest *ever*!! :) I think so. Madly in love with your dress & your backdrop & your heavenly-sounding day. :)

  2. candy says:

    The dress, the hat – lovely!

  3. Jen says:

    Sounds like a really wonderful afternoon. And you guys look just splendid. Tell Phil congrats on his big debut.

  4. els says:

    SO cute. love the red dress and hat. eeks!

  5. Kat says:

    You have such impeccable style. It’s insanely inspiring.

  6. amy kolz says:

    love this! you guys are so cute together. and i love that he’s wearing cut-offs from his middle school jeans.

  7. what beautiful outfits you both have and these shots are gorgeous.

  8. Theresa says:

    Love this! Great idea to do an outfit post of both of you together!

  9. rose says:

    cute dress – i love the shoulder bows!

  10. Kip says:

    great shots, clothes, and location! looking forward to more from you.