Movie Mondays- The Go Between

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Have you ever embarked on an ill-advised movie watching adventure? The kind wherein the movie you desire to watch has received horrible reviews (on Netflix, mind you…) and yet you really want to watch it regardless? I had been putting off watching The Go Between, lest it turn into a wasted two hours of my life… but in search of a visually inspiring movie, I settled on this Julie Christie movie last week.

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I didn’t expect to enjoy the plot or find the movie highly entertaining. I did except to fall in absolute love with the scenery, however. And I most certainly was not disappointed. If you are a romantic and enjoy the early 20th Century aesthetic, you will love the scenes in The Go Between. Each shot is so wonderfully framed. You will easily be swept away.

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And though the plot follows the summer of a 13 year old boy, I was surprised that the content was as highly romantic as the scenery. Ah, the unrequited love of adolescence. The story is a bit vague, which in my opinion, adds much to the dreamy feeling of the entire film. But in summary, it is about love. Becoming totally immersed in it, and just as quickly being cut off from it.

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I won’t give any more of a plot summary, because watching a slow moving story unfold beautifully into something that unexpectedly commands your attention is part of the joy in watching The Go Between. In my opinion. :)

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And so, I leave you with the beautiful images from the film, and hopefully at least a small desire to spend some time wandering about in the beautiful early 20th Century world so wonderfully recreated in this movie from 1970.

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8 Responses

  1. wow that scenery is gorgeous!! I always hope that I will like movies better than the overall rating from viewers too on netflix.

  2. Brianna says:

    Oh MY
    this looks sooooo FANTASTIC!
    Thanks so much for sharing:)
    and can I just say, you have a beautiful way with words…are you a writer??

  3. Erin says:

    what beautiful scenery!

  4. Mandi says:

    Wow, Brianna, what a compliment! :) I dabble a bit in writing and hope to publish a story one day, but I don’t have the long sighted patience and endurance to stick with it for long periods at a time.

  5. m.fay says:

    love your blog, its simply divine. so sweet and unique. found you on bloglovin. please stop by my blog and say hello!

  6. Sue says:

    I haven’t seen this film in a long time! Time for a revisit.

  7. Oooh…it looks lovely! :) Gorgeous framing, like you said, too – just from the stills. :)

  8. Lynn says:

    I’m a total sucker for a film where every single frame is so exquisite that it is…ummmm….frameable. :-)
    It’s why I adore Wong Kar Wei’s “In The Mood For Love”. And why I will definitely watch out for this one!