Wardrobe Wednesday- Easter Sunday


I'm going to feel a wee bit blasphemous admitting this, but I have been so looking forward to Easter for the past four months just so I could finally wear this dress! I found it last November at one of my favorite vintage shops in the Akron area, Secret Past. Saving dresses for special occasion is the worst! It required some serious self control. Of which I have very little.


As a child, finding an Easter dress was a special mother-daughter activity. And each Easter Sunday, I usually found on my little feet a pair of black or white patent mary janes and lace trimmed bobby socks. On my head would be a wide brimmed hat adorned with a ribbon and silk flowers, often held tight on a windy day with chubby gloved fingers. This year was meant to be an ode to my childhood Easters, but I decided on a top knot rather than a hat and in place of the bobby socks, my old prep school knee-high socks folded down.


I wasn't sure how I would feel about the socks, but really, I loved the way they looked with this dress, and I don't think they left my short legs looking too stumpy. So, I'm taking the sock trend and keeping it in my back pocket for the time being. We'll see if I decide to try it again sometime this Spring…


Outfit Details:

Dress: Secret Past (Cuyahoga Falls, OH)
Socks: Academy Plaids (North Canton, OH)
Shoes: Rampage 2008

12 Responses

  1. hehe I felt that way about my Easter Dress too. I bought it just for Easter, but only a month ahead, not months like you!! woah. hehe. It is lovely though! Great dress indeed. I love wearing t-straps with socks, don’t you? Anyway, lovely lovely lovely!!!

  2. Meghan says:

    i love the rose print on that dress. it fits you perfectly, too. so pretty!

  3. Marilyn says:

    This dress looks so darling on you. I’m still wary about wearing socks with shoes but it’s working with this look. :)

  4. DeMo says:

    I would have a hard time keeping that dress tucked away too! Very cute.

  5. jessie b says:

    i think the socks are super cute. it honestly didn’t even occur to me that you were ‘wearing socks with a dress’ until you mentioned it. they go great together. btw, pretty tat. would love to see the whole thing

  6. Oh! That may be the sweetest dress ever! Love it to bits, not to mention the bun + shoes + tattoo peek, too. So lovely!

  7. Brianna says:

    Oh my you looked SO lovely!
    & I always ALWAYS look forward to Easter Dress Shopping….and YES with my Mother.
    [Giveaway @ http://www.itsybitsybrianna.blogspot.com]

  8. emily says:

    blue roses are so pretty. the whole outfit looks smashing on you :)

  9. Elly says:

    Oh, love this dress! And I think the socks are a super cute touch, yay :)

  10. No wonder you couldn’t wait to wear it, it’s lovely!!!!

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I love the styling of your high messy bun. It complements your dress.

  12. gwen says:

    love it all, tip to toe!