Wardrobe Wednesday- Gingham & Barefeet


Every time I say this, I think of the girl from It’s a Wonderful Life who says “Oh this old thing? I only wear this when I don’t care how I look!” But I’m going to say it anyway. I wear dresses because I’m lazy. I am going out of my mind crazy with finishing this last month of school (forever! eek!), but everyone keeps commenting on how put together I look. If only they knew. Dresses are a one grab effort to get ready for the day.


Not to mention the fact that I didn’t bother with bangs or tights… or socks. Or even shoes (after I arrived home from school, that is). I forgot how amazing bare feet feel. Though, I am still unsure as to how I feel about the empty forehead look. I think it might be time for me and the pup to visit a salon.


Outfit Details:
Dress: vintage | Glasses: vintage
(Wow, is the list really that short?!)


22 Responses

  1. Love that color! :)

  2. Sage & Style says:

    I’m following your lead today. No bangs … And glasses, and bare feet. Love being lazy.

  3. Sage & Style says:

    I’m following your lead today. No bangs … And glasses, and bare feet. Love being lazy.

  4. Erin Elder says:

    Love the dress. Your little doggie is sooooo cute. I’m in love…
    Very Wizard of Oz… LOVE it.

  5. Gayle says:

    The last picture with your silhouette showing through your dress is so, so very pretty!

  6. kim whitten says:

    lovely indeed!
    That last out-of-focus shot is Aaaaaaah-mazing!

  7. cathie says:

    so pretty! you look good without bangs :]

  8. Kara says:

    So, so lovely! I also think your sans-bangs look is really pretty. But of course, you’re always pretty!

  9. eli says:

    I just saw this outfit on wardrobe remix and had to visit here to say that you look absolutely beautiful! I love these photos

  10. kelly ann says:

    these photos are gorgeous!

  11. Shannon says:

    New follower here! Hi! I love the simplicity and color of this outfit. Stunning!

  12. Becca says:

    It really does look perfectly put-together! LOVE that dress, it’s so spring-y without being obnoxious.

  13. Linnea says:

    The Dress looks awesome. I too am one of the lazy dress wearers out there. My friends often compliment me and ask why I’m dressed up (as if a girl needs a reason to dress up?! but then i do work with a bunch of field biologists…) and my response is often “what?! this?…I was just too lazy to find clean pants”

  14. HAHAHA I quote that line CONSTANTLY to people depending on the dress. I love it!! I have a heart for gingham big time. Yesterday I posted pictures of myself in a 40s gingham dress, myself!! I love this one you are wearing very much!!!!!! It is very beautiful!!! I love the barefootedness too!

  15. jess says:

    ok, wow, i have missed sooo much! i’ve been uber blog lazy lately and am trying to catch up with my favs (you being one of them) and when i went to your blog today i was like “DID SHE GET A TATTOO?!?!” and yes, you did-a mighty fine super awesome one! i went back many many pages to see where it all started and LOVE IT lady! soo cool.
    this outfit here is ultra nice too, love the belt!
    hope you are swell-looks like it!
    Loves//jess s//

  16. Awmb says:

    You are incredibly beautiful. Your style is so great, and you always find the greatest dresses! My favourite photo from this post is the last one :)

  17. i too was reminded of judy garland in wizard of oz when i saw the pic of you and your puppy. love the gingham! ah, and bare feet … it IS a good feeling!

  18. Mindy says:

    Adorable dress and your hair looks great!

  19. Serena says:

    I’m the exact same way when it comes to dresses, but I don’t think people buy it. I swear taht dresses are my sweats. :-)

  20. Danielle says:

    love the one with you and poochie-too cute!! where’s that dress for me?

  21. wool felt says:

    like the pics

  22. MaraMay says:

    That dress could not be any cuter and it fits you ever so perfectly. **Sigh**