Wardrobe Wednesday: Main Street Festival Edition



I love my little city.  And I love the friendly people.  In the summer, I love the Pennsylvania Dutch funnel cakes.  Oh yes, and the festivals that come with them. Phil and I walked down the street to get to the festival, fearing for rain the entire time.  It never did come.  Instead, the sun peaked out and cast a nice glow over the town.  Oh how I love the golden hour.

Ww-fest-2 At the last minute, before leaving the house, I changed my belt from white to yellow.  Phil announced that it looked a bit McDonaldsish, so I changed it again.  But in the end, I decided Ronald McDonald would fit in quite well at a festival, and since that’s where I was going, I decided upon the yellow belt.

After looking at these pictures, I noticed how ratty my hair appears.  To be honest, ratty is how my hair appears 90% of the time.  So, take me as I am, I suppose.  Paleness and all.  (this is coming from an x-tanaholic) It has taken my quite a while to feel comfortable in my pale skin, but I’ve finally come around.  And whenever I’m out in the sun for a bit, and get that warm glow, it just looks a little odd to me.  Hooray for healthy skin!

Oh yes, and hooray for funnel cakes!  (And Hall of Fame bleachers lining the streets!)


6 Responses

  1. Raquel says:

    The photo right above the paragraph that explains something crazy about “ratty hair” blew me away! Honestly, I was thinking that it was such a striking photograph then I scroll down and read that and I was like “ratty hair where?”
    All I saw was beautiful fair skin with red full lips and a pretty profile! Lol!

  2. Kara says:

    your dress is amazing.
    and i have no idea what a funnel cake is.
    truth. hehe.

  3. dani says:

    well, I love your hair. the half up is very cute.
    and yay for healthy skin! I tanned for about 3 months for prom my senior year. for some reason, even though I did nothing else by the book that year, I went all out like everyone else for prom. I’ve got photos of the acrylic heels to prove it!

  4. Kalyn Kepner says:

    I live in PA Dutch country too! Haha I had no idea there were hip, young scrapbookers/artists living here! How cool!

  5. evelynpy says:

    hey…love your dress so much…i think better use yellow one than white one…coz yellow make your outfit perfect sometimes…n it works!
    btw…tell me about the funnel cake…sounds so yummy

  6. How adorable!
    And oh my! I too am an x tanoholic! I looked like a different person! Now I love the pale skin I’m in. People tell me I am pasty white. Now I just inwardly laugh to myself about how they “just don’t get it.” :)